8 Steps to becoming a successful artist in Nigeria

steps to becoming a successful musician in Nigeria

8 Steps to becoming a successful artist in Nigeria
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The music industry in Nigeria is booming, currently. You can tell it by the expensive cars, lavish houses and precious watches that can be seen with the big names in the industry. Behind these success stories is a lot of sacrifices, patience, and hard work. Ask Wizkid, for example. In his Ojuelegba song, he talks of where he came from, the challenges, and perseverance.

Nowadays, with social media and the internet, your way to the top doesn’t have to be so hard. The music industry in Nigeria is a large cake, and since you are here, I imagine you want some of it.


With the following steps to becoming a successful musician in Nigeria, you can be sure to bite a large chunk of it.

1. Quality beats and music

Well, don’t expect to make it while feeding Nigerians wack music. Invest in good quality sound and video equipment. Find a good producer and great DJs to master your music. Nothing comes easy.

2. Hit the gym

From Iyanya to Tiwa Savage, we have seen how they take care of their bodies. In Nigeria, your body is your selling point. No one wants to take pics with a fat celebrity. Are there even plumb celebrities in Nigeria? Furthermore, you need that hot body to display when performing on stage. So, if you won’t do it for yourself, do it for your fans.

3. Do a collabo

Drop a collabo with an established music artiste. The problem with this is that established artistes are egocentric and demand high fees even to look your way. If you got the money, pay for it. Well, if you broke, try a medium-class artiste.

4. Befriend the established artistes

No matter how bad it sounds, you have to booty lick the legends in the game. If you manage to get a collabo with the big guys in the industry, hold on to them. For you, it shouldn’t be a one-time thing. You see, these people will bring with them opportunities or even deals if they like you, the better.

5. Small shows are your starting point

Do you know about that small gig paying peanuts? In the early stages of your career, that’s where you should be. The point is making sure you are seen and heard and who knows what may come of it.

6. Create your look

You have to be unique; otherwise, how will people notice you? Music in Nigeria heavily depends on popularity, and if we don’t know you, you might start considering changing careers. Take time to come up with a unique hairstyle, or sound. Phyno did it with his unique hairstyle and rapping in his ethnic tongue.

7. Controversy

Again popularity is critical in making it in the Nigerian music industry. How do you gain popularity fast? Cause controversial scenes. But don’t go overboard on this one. The point is making sure you are on everybody’s lips and ears and watch as the magic unfolds. Nigerians are not into boring music artistes, so don’t be one.

8. Work hard

Every time you listen to established artists, the story is always the same. They worked hard for it. From having to roll with big guys in the industry for recognition to staying late in the studio- most artistes did it. Wizkid did it to be where he is now, why not you?

With so many free streaming platforms in Nigeria, we are treated to new songs and artistes almost every single day. It’s up to you to stand out, get yourself together and go out there and show the world what you got. How far are you willing to go to succeed? Do you believe in yourself? Do your friends share or support your dreams? It always boils down to you. The zeal for success is what will get you through the challenges and storms along the way. You have to want it to get it.


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