Nigerians’ top 10 job prospects for 2022

Nigerians top 10 job prospects for 2022
Nigerians' top 10 job prospects for 2022

Recruitments are one of the top ten job prospects for Nigerians in 2022. In fact, we see these positions as important since they often focus on a bigger applicant pool as opposed to the individual recruiting efforts of different organizations.

The top recruiting jobs in Nigeria for 2022 are listed below:

Army Recruitment in 2022

The Nigerian Army extends an invitation to young individuals who want to volunteer online. Recruits from the Nigerian Army may now sign up on the NA website,, or

Tradespeople and non-craftsmen are eligible for this recruiting event. Candidates might gain from the such a position if they intend to maintain a defensive posture inside the federal government and Army. On the Nigerian Armed Forces webpage, all qualified candidates may similarly submit their applications online. Candidates should carefully study this article to understand the requirements.

  •  FRSC Recruitment

The Federal Road Safety Recruitment 2022.

Nigeria’s government oversees the FRSC. Nigeria’s roads and other associated requirements are ensured by the Federal Road Safety Commission. Legions often employ young, enthusiastic, gifted, and technologically savvy personnel to provide the organization with the required expertise. It will be crucial if FRSC 2021 is adopted.

On the job board, there are more than 5000 opportunities. Actually, they advise all applicants to be ready for employment.

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The Federal Road Safety Commission’s real hiring process is conducted online at Each qualifying candidate must sign the application form, complete it, and upload the important documents.

  • Nigeria Air Force recruitment

The official candidates for the Nigerian Air Force’s recruiting for 2021 include the Air Force’s requirements for new recruits. the applicants they want to formally enlist in the Nigerian Air Force (NAF).

The final list for the Nigerian Air Force is also available on the NAF recruiting portal,, and was genuinely created by the administration.

Please apply using the guidelines on this site, and if selected, confirm your identity afterwards.

Similar to that, a PDF and download link will be provided for the list of accepted applicants for the Nigerian Air Force.

A list of the necessary documents and resources will also be made accessible in the training field. Additionally, on the stated day, Kawo Kaduna Air Force Base in Nigeria will host a training camp where the medical candidates for NAF 2021 will be announced.

Additionally, the applicants for the Nigerian Air Force on the sub-list passed the interview for the DRC / DSSC 2020 Nigerian Air Force Special Medical Application. They must report to Kawo Kaduna Air Force Base in Nigeria for training.

  • Prison Recruitment

If you truly want to work for the Nigerian Prison Service (NPS)? T then welcome.

The application process for the Nigerian Prison 2021 is still open. You can find all of your application updates and details on how to successfully register for the Nigeria Prison Service Recruitment 2021 online at

Along with other crucial information, you will learn about the qualifications for applying, the start dates for the hiring process, and more. Keep checking the Nigeria Prisons Recruitment Portal’s 2022 Job Application Form at for updates.

After the police and the courts, prisons are the third party in the criminal justice system. The Council of Interior and Civil Defense Ministers, the Fire Department, the Immigration Office, and Prisons are in charge of and manage the Nigeria Prison Department.

Every year, the Federal Government of Nigeria hires qualified individuals for the Commission for Immigration, Prisons, Fire Protection, and Civil Defense (CDFIPB). This massive nationwide hiring effort will be carried out by the CDFIPB, which is free. You can view all the updates on the hiring process in this article.

  • Lagos Government Recruitment

The portal is the Lagos Government Recruitment Application Portal for Employment 2022.

In Lagos, are you searching for a job board? You are at the appropriate location if so. To promote regional hiring patterns, the Lagos Government established the Lagos 2021 Recruiting Portal. In this approach, would be used for all government hiring processes in Lagos in 2021.

Therefore, download and fill the application form at from the website if you are really interested in working for the Lagos State Government. All qualified individuals may apply.

The Lagos State Government Health Services Commission for Recruitment launched the site as a source for information on jobs and employment. Please use the website to apply right away.

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The organization in charge of employing the personnel and public employees for the Lagos State Health Services is the Lagos State Health Services Commission. Additionally, to fill vacancies in state public health organizations, the Lagos National Commission hires a huge number of health professionals.

Fraud Prevention and scams

Beware for employment frauds. They sometimes show up on questionable employment sites run by dishonest persons and swiftly earn money from the helpless jobless Nigerians. It would be beneficial if you follow the most recent federal job postings, such as:

  • Require payment before processing your application or training.
  • Ask them to come for an interview, pay for the flight and accommodation at a designated third party travel agent and promise they will be refunded later.
  • Invite respondents to switch to an MLM or mouse sales plan.
  • Use your resume information to sell products (insurance, investment plans, etc.) or offer non-work-related quotes. Or
  • The advertisement is actually too good to be accurate and is usually false, suspicious, or misleading (e.g., misleading job title, job description, agency description).


Jobs in the public sector in Nigeria are advantageous for anybody aiming for a longer and safer career. Government employment experts are extremely desirable in the sector because to the perks they get, which include social security, employment insurance, holidays, bonuses, pensions, and biweekly payments.

There are various disadvantages to adopting the federal government in 2022, chiefly the following. There are constant salary rises since there is no set wage. Staff training and the ongoing problems with work bureaucracy and the workplace are not funded.


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