“If I participate in the no bra challenge, boys will die,” Sista Afia tells the followers.

13 October is known as a day made for no bra day, as the world cherishes the nature of the breast and shows some attention to the victims of breast cancer.

Celebrities and individuals participate in the feast as it has, in turn, swerved to the fun of pleasure to some.


This has never been found meaningful by the Ghanaian songwriter known as Sista Afia, who is famously known for her gigantic boobs.

And according to her, she has disclosed that she does not want to participate in the feast; claims that boys may die if she exposes her boobs.


After a few queries from fans, she offered her utterances saying.

“So many people are asking me for my NO BRA pic, but the boobs I got blessed with ehh, if I do” No bra “today, herhhhh boys” la wu.

It’s been trending as fans are eager to see her part of it.




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