Dax – To Be A Man

To Be A Man by Dax

Dax – To Be A Man


Daniel Nwosu Jr., well known by his stage name  Dax, and is a talented Canadian-Nigerian rapper, and singer who has dropped a brand new vibe “To Be A Man.”

In addition, Dax’s 2023 single “To Be A Man” has a catchy song and an enduring instrumental beat, making it a strong contender to break into the Top 10.


Quotable Lyrics:

[Verse 1]
Yeah, I know this life can really beat you down, uh
You wanna scream but you won’t make a sound, uh
Got so much weight that you’ve been holdin’
But won’t show any emotion, as a man, that goes unspoken
That we can’t cry when life gets hard
Unconditional love for women, children, and dogs
We know that we just have to play our parts
And don’t nobody give a damn about our broken hearts, yeah
As a man, we gotta pave our way
Our only function is to work and slave
There’s no respect for you if you ain’t paid
You’re disregarded as a human and you can’t complain
And if you ever make it up and actually reach that place
And find a woman that you love and give her your last name
You’ll feel the things that you provide is only why she stays
And when you try to explain, you’ll say
I can’t hide myself
I don’t expect you to understand
I just hope I can explain
What it’s like to be a man (What it’s like to be a man)
It’s a lonely road (It’s a lonely road)
And they don’t care ’bout what you know (Care ’bout what you know)
It’s not ’bout how you feel
But what you provide inside that home

Lastly, The newest masterwork soundtrack from legendary American lyrical genius and hit-maker Dax, What It’s Like To Be A Man, was released on April 14, 2023.

At this point, according to Six9ja media said; the new song is the kind that makes you feel pleased rather than sad, and also an enduring and seductive classic that merits a place in your music library.

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