“We will always fight to protect the lives of the people” Lai Mohammed Vows



The Nigerian minister of information and culture has once more claimed his right saying Nigeria is a mercy to terrorism.

This speech was sourced by the hate he portrayed on the latest bombing of the Nigerian active terrorists famously known as Boko Haram.


Yesterday, the report claimed that 40 farmers were burnt down through an explosion which got everyone in fear as these insurgents brag they will even bomb more people.

The Nigerian minister speaking about the incident and tragedy this afternoon said he is bittered on how Nigerian force are denied weapons despite that the government are in full support to stop terrorism.

According to him, he said.

“when people talk about terrorism, they don’t seem to appreciate the fact that terrorism is not a local issue but a global issue and there is no part of the world that is not experiencing pockets of terrorism”

“I am glad that the Governor Ortom himself has said the federal government has assisted a lot in curbing the issue of insecurity in Benue State”

“We will never stop protecting lives and livelihood of the people, but you must understand that we are also dealing with terrorists who are financed globally and we also need more support from global partners”

“For instance, Nigeria has made attempts to acquire better and more effective platforms to deal with terrorists and for one reason or the other we have been denied these platforms, and without these weapons and adequate platforms, we will remain at the mercy of terrorists”

“But you see, fighting terrorists is not a joke because what actually happened in Borno State was quite unfortunate”

“You must be also able to look at the strategy of the terrorists. You see, terrorists also use media and publicity as oxygen. So when they go on this kind of mindless killings of innocent people, it is just that a dying terrorist group will now suddenly again spring to life”

“It does not mean that the government is not doing enough. Terrorism in Africa and any other place in the world has the same concept which is, you have a group of people who are extremists in their thoughts, who don’t believe that I and you should be alive”



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