Secrets behind many handsome dudes

What to apply so to look handsome


You would dream of being like someone else whom you think is handsome, not knowing you are beautiful. There are many secrets they apply which you don’t know, things you assume as nothing are the reason they look so handsome. Stop dreaming! It’s time to look handsome! There’s no surgery, just some home remedies. Below are the tips to apply so to look handsome.

A glowing skin

Any color is beautiful no matter how dark and white it looks but it needs to glow for perfect beauty. Create time for yourself and take care of it, stay away from the sun, eat a lot of fruits, and good nutrition. Avoid surgery or bleaching cream.


Clear eyes


Clear eyes create secrete beauty which is always unnoticed, this is because we lack the great knowledge about such. Many celebrities know everything about that and treat their eyes always. When the eyes are not clear, one’s blinking won’t be noticed. A clear eye gives beauty and handsomeness.

Stay away from smokes and substances which may affect the eyes and drink a lot of water. Sometimes, if it would be possible; get a bowl filled with clean water and keep your face with your eyes opened inside for a minute. It helps to wash out trashes from your eyes.

Sparkling teeth

When you open your mouth, how do people feel? Do they thrill? Or gives a fake grin? That’s the question that should always flow around your cerebral cortex for white sparkling teeth gives the face a perfect beauty or handsomeness. A dirty tooth gives an unsatisfying smile which makes the face ugly. Wash the teeth at least two times a day.

The eyebrows

This is the most neglected tip by men for they assume such as tips done by only women. It’s not so when the eyebrows cover almost the whole space of your forehead it crumples the face and makes you look ugly. They keep growing if you don’t lower or give them a perfect line just like the pubic hairs. Meet your Barber and give them a perfect carve for a satisfying beauty and handsomeness.

Excessive face fat

A very normal face fat sometimes gives a satisfying beauty but excessive face fat makes one ugly. Don’t think of losing your whole weight but practice a face exercises like chewing of gums, fish-like mouth, blowing air into the balloon, and smiling and laughing. Avoid food enriched with excessive fat.

Sweet voice

This sounds funny, but it contributes. Sweet Voices attracts the opposite sex either for pleasure or likeness. Don’t imitate, make it supernatural, if it is basslet it is genuine if it’s treble make it genuine also.


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