“Now that I’m alive, do whatever you can for my child,” Jodie, the Kuchi Kuchi hotlist, screams out over his physically difficult child.

"Now that I'm alive, do whatever you can for my child," Jodie, the Kuchi Kuchi hotlist, screams out over his physically difficult child.


The Kuchi Kuchi singer, whose 6-year-old son Chinua suffers from cerebral palsy, said in an emotional Instagram post that the hospital where she gave birth to him was to blame for his condition.



Jodie wedded Chinua’s father, actor David Nnaji, in October 2015, but the couple divorced weeks after Chinua was born.

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Many people have recommended she murder her son, reportedly to a mother of one who revealed how her baby’s health has damaged her finances.

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Jodie said she’s had to work a variety of jobs to support her child, but the hefty expense of child care eats up all of her earnings.

Jodie stated:

“My finances have been swallowed. My friends have abandoned me because I’m a beggar. My debts are new every morning.” 

Jodie said that just like her, other special-needs parents have suffered alone for too long because they have been ashamed of the stigmatization.

She urged the government, non-governmental organizations, and other authorities to create a “permanent solution” for special needs children’s care so that parents do not have to go bankrupt to care for their children.

In her words, she wrote:

“My head is heavy. My eyes hurt, because I cry every night. Don’t wait for singer of Kuchi Kuchi to die first before you do a memorial service while her child is left to suffer. Do not spend a dime when I’m dead. Do all you can about it now while I’m alive. I beg you Nigerians.” 

See her post below…



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