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Mike Ejeagha

Mike Ejeagha (born August 1932) is a Nigerian folklorist, songwriter, and musician from Enugu State, Nigeria, Mike Ejeagha started his career in music in the mid-20th century. Also known as Gentlemen, Mike has been influential in the evolution of music in the Igbo language for over 6 decades. His first hit was in 1960 – the year of Nigeria’s independence.

Mike Ejeagha is a distinct storyteller accompanied by guitar style and his lyrics are laced with proverbs; lending his music a didactic style. He writes his own music and his lyrics are in the Igbo language. Mike Ejeagha said in 2004: “Life at old age is quite enjoyable, especially when the Almighty God gives you good health”.[1]


Ejeagha has contributed over three hundred recordings to the National Archives of Nigeria produced during his fieldwork to investigate Igbo folklore highlife music.[2]

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