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Brother Bernard
Brother Bernard

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Why Is The Original Brother Bernard Video Trending On Social Media?


Memes that generate a lot of attention on social media have lately been seen by those who use social media platforms often. It seems sensible that people would go for this meme that was created after the video became viral. Many are increasingly curious about the background of the Brother Bernard meme. Internet users are constantly looking for the next meme or trending video to share, and social media users never seem to run out of humorous moments to post. The most recent viral phenomenon is the video featuring “Brother Bernard,” which is now presently trending on Twitter and other social media sites.

Original Video of Brother Bernard

Millions of people have shared this video as of right now, and they are commenting on it and asking for additional information. Now that the video has gone viral and reached the top of the charts, many who haven’t seen it are curious as to what it depicts. According to the allegation, a woman is seen passionately flinging herself into Brother Bernard’s grave during his burial ritual in this undated video. Just after the deceased person’s body was laid to rest, the woman can be heard in the video sobbing and wailing, “Oh brother Bernard,” before she leaped into the grave.

Others in the area were astonished, and several of them attempted to help her out from the grave. Twitter users have re-shared this video and added their own versions, frequently making amusing comparisons between the woman’s actions and other times when people fall, such as when strolling down the street and on football fields. The event took place in Ghana, and the online video of it spread like wildfire. The woman who traveled here to attend the burial was spotted jumping atop Father Bernard, also known as Brother Bernard, as he lay in his grave. The funeral took place in Ghana.

There have been numerous responses to the video, and many people have shared it with one another because they think it’s humorous. Many individuals nowadays are interested in learning more about Father Bernard. He was a Roman Catholic priest who gained attention on social media when a video of his funeral appeared online. Although the woman has not yet been recognized, we are looking for her. Social media has taken down the video. On February 21, 2023, Father Bernard Ackon, the parish priest of St. John the Baptist Church in Saltpond, passed away.