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Best Trending Amapiano Songs In June 2024

Best Trending Amapiano Songs In June 2024
Best Trending Amapiano Songs In June 2024


No doubt the Amapiano genre is taking over, the vibes and the beats capture the soul and body enticing you to get up and dance.

There are lots of amapiano songs to vibe to which can leave you confused on how to find and download them, well in this article we have put together the list of the Best trending amapiano songs in June 2024 that you can vibe and download.


The first song on our list is

1. ShaunMusiq – Cishe Nga Posta Ft Ftears, Myztro & Scotts Maphuma

ShaunMusiq is a Talented South African Singer, His full name is  Shaun Tokollo Maseko born in 1920. He has previously dropped many hit Amapiano vibes.

In this song Cishe Nga Posta, he featured other artists like Ftears, a South African musician from Pretoria who has featured in some fascinating songs.

Myztro is a South African award-winning DJ and Producer, who has produced/co-produced many hit tracks.

Scotts Mamhuma was also featured in this song and he is also a South African singer and great host.

This song was released on the 24th of May 2024, and since then, it has been trending. Click down below to listen to the song

2. TxC – Yebo Ft Tony Duardo, Davido, Leemckrazy & Djy Biza

TxC are South African twins named Tarryn Reid and Clairise Hefke, they are vibrant Disck Jockeys (DJ) who are rising fast to stardom and making names and global waves for themselves.

The song Yebo is a fascinating song that features other talented artists like Tony Duardo, an Entrepreneur/Producer who is behind many hits.

Davido, a talented Nigerian and Global artist, has many hit songs and is featured in some Amapiano hits.

LeemacKrazy is a well-known South African Vocalist and electronic music producer who has featured in big amapiano hits.

Djy Biza whose full name is Kgosietsile Kalakgosi is an international DJ and producer signed to the Black is Brown Record Label.

The song Yebo has been trending on all platforms and was released earlier in June 2024. Click down below to listen

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3. TxC – Glory Ft. Tony Duardo, Dinky Kunene, Buddy Kay, Lady Steezy & Tumelo.za

The Artists have earlier been described in Number 2, yet have another song making the list.

The song Glory was earlier released in June 2024 and is currently trending, featured in the song is Tony Durado whom we have earlier introduced in Number 2.

Dinky Kunene is a South African singer, songwriter, performer, and creative who is fast rising in the industry.

Buddy Kay is a South African producer.

Lady Steezy a South African talented artist from Secunda, entices her listeners with her charming fusion of African and Afrobeats.

Tumelo.za is a vocalist and executive producer from South Africa. Click down below to listen

4. TxC – Thula Nana Ft. Tony Duardo, Leemckrazy & Optimist Music ZA

The twin artists were earlier introduced in the 2nd song, and again another of their songs made it to the 3rd and 4th list.

In the song Thula Nana which was released in early June, talented South African artists were featured and Tony Durado has earlier been introduced in the top 2nd music, alongside LeemcKrazy who featured in the best 2nd music.

Another featured artist is Optimist Music ZA, a fast-rising star in the African industry. Click down to listen

5. DJ Mohamed, D2mza & Ceeka RSA – La Way feat. Khalil Harrison, Tumelo ZA & Tyler ICU

DJ Mohammed is a South African electronic musician who has enchanted his listeners with his combination of electronic and amapiano.

D2mza is a pretorian music producer who has collaborated with many artists like DJ Mohammed and a lot more.

Ceeka RSA is a music producer, Amapiano DJ, and Compiler who is also an electronic musician from South Africa.

Khalil Harrison is a well-known South African Musician who is from Johannesburg, he has many hit songs and specializes in amapiano and electronic music. He is a Record Producer /Sound Engineer / Singer & Rapper AmaPiano.

Tumelo Za has earlier been introduced on our 3rd best amapiano song which he featured in.

Tyler ICU is a popular South African DJ and record producer, who was born and raised in Tembisa, Gauteng, he has released a lot of hit songs.

6. Bassie – Kwelanga 2.0 Ft. M-Touch, Ranger, And Amaza, LeeMcKrazy & Tman Xpress

The Artist Bassie is a rising 19-year-old South African musician who is a vocalist/Dancer from EastRand. She has worked with many artists before and specializes in mostly House music including Commercial, Amapiano, and Deep.

The song Kwelanga 2.0 which Basie released in early June featured other artists like M-Touch who is a South African producer.

Ranger and Amaza are DJs and Producers who also featured in the making of this jam.

LeeMcKrazy has earlier been introduced in 2 or more of the listed songs above.

Tman Xpress is a known talented amapiano artist who hails from Diepkloof in Soweto, he has released and featured in many hit songs.

click down below to listen

7. June Freedom & KMAT – Say Salud (KMAT Version)

The song Say Salud (KMAT Version) was released by June Freedom, a Cape Verdean American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist and KMAT a female DJ and producer who is well known for her versatile skills and technicality on the decks and musicalit.

The song Say Salud (KMAT Version) was released sometime on June 5th, 2o24. Click down below to listen

8. Makhanj ft. Khalil Harrison, Tyler ICU & Zwayetoven – Nguwe

The song Nguwe is a hit song that has been trending in the month of June, the artist Makhanj is a South African female vocalist and songwriter.

She featured artists like Khalil Harrison who has been introduced in the 5th best song on our list.

Tyler ICU was also introduced in the 5th song on our list, and Zwayetoven deals in the Contemporary Hip Hop subgenre. Click down below to listen.

9. The Lowkeys – KELENKETLA ft. TSHEGO DEE, Oceanbiller & TSKAY

The Lowkeys consists of two members, a lead singer, and a producer and they released a hit trending music album, song KELENKETLA, this song features other talented South African artists, Tshego Dee is a master of both genres and has enticed his listeners with catchy sounds.

Oceanbiller is a talented South African artist a RZA singer / Songwriter/ Performer.

TSKAY  is a thriving gifted South African artist from the city of Mamelodispecialized infusing both the Electronic and Amapiano genres. Click down below to listen.

10. Papekeys – Ngekes’buye (feat. Divine vee, Zocks, Xeejay, Monk SA)

The artist Papekeys is a South African Music Composer, Producer, and DJ born and bred in Limpopo, South Africa.

The song features Divine Vee a South African artist and producer, Zocks a talented South African producer, Xeejay also a South African artist and finally Monk SA a talented South African artist. Click down below to listen

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In Conclusion

There are many interesting Amapiano songs to download and vibe to, but in this article, we listed the best we can find. so choose the one you are interested in, and if there aren’t any, there are many places to find other interesting amapiano songs.


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